Cosmic Wonder - Organic Cotton Wrapped Dress, Wild Rose Soil

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Made in Japan

Led by a Japanese artist Yukinori Maeda, Cosmic Wonder is a conceptual work of clothing, artwork, publishing and performance established in 1997. With a deep understanding in natural materials and traditional techniques, garments are designed with a dedication to sustainability, inspired from the past and looking the future. Combining hand-woven fabrics like organic cotton and linen, wool taken from sheep that graze on land that is free of pesticides and herbicides, pure Japanese grown silk made from silkworms organically-raised on mulberry leaves, and natural plant dyes produced with traditional Japanese techniques. It’s a process of finding beauty in the continuity between the future and a past that we are at risk of losing.

The studio moved to a remote village in the mountainous region of Kyoto since 2016, which is designated as a National Preservation District of Historic Buildings. 

This dress is mud-dyed, a traditional craft, in Amami Oshima. Dyeing is done with dye made from boiled Sharinbai tree, which grows wild in Amami, and the iron-rich mud from the ancient stratum of 1.5 million years ago on Amami Oshima. After dyeing with sharinbai tree, the process is repeated: dyeing with mud in the mud field, rinsing in the river to remove the mud. Mud dyeing is a precious dyeing process that requires the blessings of nature, techniques cultivated over many years.

Material: Organic Cotton 100%

Size: 1 (Model is 160cm and wearing size 1)

Note: Last photos are for fit reference only, the dress colour is Wild Rose Soil. 

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