Lacquered Cherry Tray


Made in Japan

These special pieces are handmade by a lacquered wood artist Masami Tokuda. Every piece is completely unique. Tokuda sees characters in each piece of wood before curving it. By applying layers of lacquer to give textures, making the best of the wood underneath.

For the base layers and for textures, material like kiurushi, kurourushi, shirourushi, sukiurushi, jinoko and tonoko are applied. For dying, natural dyes like indigo, iron, persimmon tannin are used. Combining all of these, layers after layers, each piece has unique surfaces to its perfection.

Dimensions: Approx. Ø27cm x H1.5cm

Material: Cherry


  • Do not use it in the microwave nor in the dishwasher
  • When washing the plate, wipe only very gently
  • Recommending use with dry goods only. Use of liquid may lead to stain or warp

Unique one-off piece

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