Mittan - Hanten Coat, Grey (Unisex Size 3 left)

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Made in Japan

Lead by a designer Takeshi Mitani, Mittan makes "modern folk clothing" based on histories of clothes and fabrics from the world. By reinterpreting the two-dimensional structure and combining it with the functionality of natural materials, Mittan aims to create long-lasting clothes that are not bound by the transient trends of the times. They work very closely with the manufactures and often develop original fabrics. Fabrics are often dyed using plants, indigo, insects, minerals, and charcoal in addition to ordinary dyes. We consider the uneven transition of colours beautiful and adding characters to garments.

Using mosser wool, the coat feels very soft and fluffy on the surface. It has a high heat insulating effect while being light in weight.

The coat features just wide enough arms so that thick jumpers can be worn underneath in cold months. Two large pockets. 

Material Composition: Super100 wool ( fine, light, smooth in texture)

Sizes: 160cm woman wears size 1 or 2, 180cm man wears size 3

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