Archives by Circus Inc.

Archives by Circus Inc.

"We collect and archive various objects from various eras and regions.

By composing the collection mixing Japanese antiques, works of contemporary artists and materials and forms collected from all over the world, you can discover new relationships between these objects.

For this exhibition, we introduce works by 10 contemporary Japanese artists together with antiques from Japan and the world. We hope you will find some inspiration or connection there."

Yoshio Suzuki, Mai Hikita


In this collection, works of 10 contemporary Japanese artists are featured, including wood pieces by Kota Banno, Takehito Ichikawa, Kojiro Kitada, Yukari Maki, Kazuto Yoshikawa, pottery pieces by Tenshin Juba, Kansai Noguchi, Akio Nukaga, Akiko Yanagawa and sculptural stone work by Daisuke Kiyomiya.