Mittan - Scarf, Light Grey


Made in Japan

Lead by a designer Takeshi Mitani, Mittan makes "modern folk clothing" based on histories of clothes and fabrics from the world. By reinterpreting the two-dimensional structure and combining it with the functionality of natural materials, Mittan aims to create long-lasting clothes that are not bound by the transient trends of the times. They work very closely with the manufactures and often develop original fabrics. 

Thin cotton yarns are used for the warp and the wool  yarn that touches the skin is as fine as cashmere that it is very soft and does not irritate the skin. The support of the cotton yarns in the warp makes it possible to weave loose, and allow to trap air between yarns to keep you warm.

Unlike ordinary industrial products, each piece is fulled after cut and sewn, giving each piece a different look.

Approx. 60cm×195cm 

Material Composition: Merino Wool 63%  Cotton 37%

Hand wash recommended at 30°C. Please refrain from washing with strong force as it may cause shrinkage.

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