Cast Iron Kettle Ubaguchi, L

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Made in Iwate, Japan

For as long as I can remember, a cast iron kettle was something constantly in use on the kitchen hob of my childhood home. My mother, who grew up on a tea farm, was always ready to brew tea for the family, friends or any unexpected guests. The cast iron kettle remains the most used kitchen item in my home. 

These cast iron kettles are produced in Mizusawa of Iwate Prefecture, the home of Nambu Tekki. Each is made with a casting technique, passed down since the era of Oshu Hiraizumi, approximately 900 yrs ago. Ubaguchi is characterised by its unique rounded bottom, one of the kettle shapes used in chanoyo. Its wide and flat bottom gives stability. The ink-coloured surface is the result of oxidising process "kamagaki,” as well as tea stain and camellia oil applied in ”aburayaki" process, to protect the surface from rusting. Over time with use, the colour will deepen further.

It has been proven* that hot water boiled in an iron kettle not only reduces chlorine but also enriches iron ions. These are perfect kettles for turning tap water into much milder iron-rich hot water for a healthy life. 

You may worry about rust. When not in use, make sure to drain the water and let moisture to evaporate by heating on the hob with the lid open. With use, scale will form a film on the surface that protects the interior, so don’t get tempted to scrub it off. In order to quickly build a protective layer of scale, everyday use is recommended - especially for the first month. If rust occurs, boil water with green tea leaves (used ones are fine) for a while, and then dry it well to restore the original black colour. 

* When an inspection was conducted by boiling 1 litter of tap water in this Iron Kettle, the following test results were obtained.
Iron: less than 0.03 mg/L before boiling increased to 0.06 mg/L
Chlorine: 0.38 mg/L before boiling decreased to less than 0.05 mg/L


ø18cm x H10cm (H18cm w/Handle), 2kg Approx. 1000cc at 70% full

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