Yatsuhana Octagon Plate - Large


Made in Japan

Potter Asuka Juba lives in countryside of Japan with her husband who is also a potter and their children. They grow crops in their field and cook them in her earthen ware on a daily basis. We are attracted to the rawness and strength of her potteries. They are made for every day use.

These plates are coated with layers of lacquer. This method originate back to Jomon (c. 14,000 – 300 BCE) to Heian (794 to 1185) period. It strengthen and seals the porous surfaces, also more sustainable and kinder method for the Earth. 

Size: 16cm x 16cm x H3cm

Sold Individually

Important: Please note that due to handmade nature of the product, each piece vary in colour and size.

Care for   lacquered pottery

  • Wash with dishwashing liquid with soft sponge and rinse.
  • Pale coloured parts may get stained with colour of food or liquid.
  • No microwave nor dishwasher.

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