Slipware Plate 24cm II


Made in Japan

Tenshin Juba is a potter based in Hyogo, Japan. Together with his wife, Asuka Juba, Tenshin lives in countryside of Kobe with their four children. Growing their own crops and make ash glazes from organic materials such as rice straws or chestnut husks. 

Tenshin is known for his dynamic and free slipware he makes. He uses his forms as a canvas to paint to express. Famous for mineral rich water in the region, Tenshin mixes this water in his slip. Minerals reacting in the fire gives the depth on his pieces. By sharing a wood firing kiln they have build, they can often fire pots in this labour intensive way. You can see the marks where ash landed, every piece is completely unique.

Note: To seal off the porous surfaces, before use the piece can be boiled in a large pot with a few grains of rice (Medome process).

Dimensions: Approx. Ø23.5cm x H3/3.5cm

Food safe / No dishwasher safe

Unique one-off piece / Sold Individually

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