Gimlet Bar Cordials

Made in the UK

Gimlet Bar is a London based drink producer. They make everything on a small scale by hand at their production kitchen. Much of the fruit used are grown by themselves in Somerset. No artificial additives, preservatives or stabilisers in these cordials. Look how beautiful these illustrated labels are! You just want them all lined up on your kitchen shelf.

QuinceMake yourself the perfect autumnal drink with this deep and fragrant quince cordial. Serve it simply with sparkling water. Add an extra splash of cider vinegar or lemon juice if you like it even more tart. 50cl

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, 2020 Quince Vinegar, ‘Meeches Prolific’ Quince, Spices & Zests

Ginger Lemon & ThymeKeep your ailments at bay with our new release of ginger cordial. This cordial has an upfront [but not aggressive] gingery spiciness, infused turmeric for colour, flavour and constitution, a subtle background of fresh thyme and lemon vinegar for a good acidic kick. Make yourself a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule with fresh lime juice, soda or ginger ale and a dash of your favourite bitters. We like to mix it with a dash of Suze [a gentian root liqueur], sparkling water and fresh sweet cicely. 50cl

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Lemon Vinegar, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Turmeric & Infused Thyme

Clementine: Serve  with ice, sparkling water and peel. This cordial also makes an excellent ‘hot toddy’ [just add hot water!]. It can also be used as a ‘sour mix’ for any shaken cocktail. Pairs well with brandy. 50cl

Ingredients: Fresh clementine juice, fresh lemon juice, sugar, water, orange vinegar, clementine peel oil, infused anise seeds. Contains fruit pulp and spice pieces.

Spiced Lemon: A lovely cordial to serve with ice, sparkling water and lemon peel. This cordial also makes an excellent ‘hot toddy’ or a brilliant shandy if cut with a little sparkling water and then added to your lager of choice. It can also be used as a ‘sour mix’ for any shaken cocktail. 50cl

Ingredients: Fresh lemon juice (54%), sugar, lemon peel oil, infused coriander seeds, infused cloves. Contains fruit pulp.

Pineapple and Bay

This cornucopia of fresh pineapple juice, bay leaf oil and vinegar made from the pineapple husks is a perfect match for white, amber or dark Rum. Makes a fabulous non-alcoholic drink too; simply dilute to taste with lots of ice, sparkling water, tonic, a dash of fresh lime juice and mint. 50cl

Ingredients: Pineapple juice (52%), sugar, pineapple vinegar* & infused bay leaves. Contains fruit pulp & bay leaf pieces.

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