Chakoro Aroma Pot


Made in Japan

These tea aroma pots are made by Yuko Ikeda, a Japanese ceramic artist. This two piece burner with cast iron stand can be used to diffuse diluted essential oil or tea leaves. The lower dish holds a tea light candle. 


- Please wipe excess water at the bottom of upper dish when heating with a T-light candle. When it is damp, it may cause breakage when heated suddenly.

- You can use the burner with both tea leaves and oil. When using oil, add some water to the upper dish then add a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Do not leave the candle light on when you leave the room or when you go to sleep. 

- Clay used to make these burners are coarse ones that withstand direct heat. Leaving water on the upper dish when not heated, water might drip through the dish.

- The iron tripod is not treated in anyway, it will eventually rust. This is done so on purpose to appreciate material's natural beauty developed with use.

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