Tray Basket w/Perisi Fungi - Large


Made in Brazil

Made in Amazonia

Back in 2014, we made friends with Vin, a visionary who talked about building a social entrepreneurship for indigenous people of the Amazonia. The idea was to represent them an opportunity to preserve an integral livelihood and an alternative to industries that threaten to undermine these communities. Vin and his team now collaborates with artisans, villages and associations of eight different ethnicities in the Amazon Basin. Acting as a non-profit patron, subsidising logistics and production, developing sustainable retail and wholesale market-placements.

These woven pieces are made by hands of Yanomami Artisans who live in the Amazon rainforest between Vanezuela and Brazil. Traditional storage baskets to carry plants, crops and food are woven using titica vine and perisi fungi details.

Size: Approx. L48cm x W38cm x H8-9cm

Sold individually

15% of profit will be send to an NGO that Vin has established in 2018 in Brazil to help to overcome the chronic challenge of accessibility to and from Indigenous Demarcated Territories and give their partners and staff a greater degree of security.

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