Lines Form Surfaces
by Mentsen

A new exhibition with work by London based design duo Mentsen. The exhibition includes a unique series of furniture, objects and artworks. 


Mentsen established in 2011 as a partnership between two Japanese designers, Yasuyuki Sakurai and Risa Sano. The studio name, meaning ‘surfaces and lines’ in Japanese, references to working in different mediums and scales. 

Clarity and thoughtfulness are at the core of studio’s approach. Making often gives an additional layer to the design process, help them to understand materials, constructions and production processes.




 At the exhibition, the duo presents their work using wood, a mix of designed objects and results of their creative play using surplus odds and ends.

Tied together loosely by the concept of lines and surfaces, Sakurai and Sano explore the understated beauty that lies within materials and the interplay between two and three dimensions.

There are currently no products in this collection.