One Last Thing



"One Last Thing"
22-29 June

Before its closing, we have one last show on our Wilton Way space inviting some of our long-time collaborators (and new friends whom I wanted to work together with but could not yet) to celebrate our journey of the last 14 years of Momosan Shop. 

Featuring artists include Attua Aparicio, Dean Edmonds & Natsumi Sashida, Kelly Fung, Martino Gamper, Gemma Holt, Sarah Jane Holt, Jochen Holz, Max Lamb, Mentsen, Daichiro Shinjo, Kajsa Ståhl, Maki Suzuki, Kei Tominaga, Maiko Tsutsumi and Mizuyo Yamashita.

Not all pieces in this show are online, if you would like to see a price list, please do get in touch via email at