Natural Soap

Made in USA

Cold processed, all natural soap using the highest quality essential oils and herbs. You'll appreciate the quality and scent of all natural ingredients that get you clean, and leave your skin soft and moisturised. Main oils are coconut, olive and almond.

Forest: Blend of fir, cedar & rosemary oils making an uplifting, evergreen experience. Oak moss and humus complete the circle. If you long for the forest, let Forest soap take you for a walk in the woods.

Out of India: Blend of essential oils sweet and earthy, and reminiscent of the exotic scents once found on the spice route. Hemp and neem oils are added on top of the base oils for their emollient qualities and silky feel.

Sage: Blend of orange, lavender & sage Oils for a clean, refreshing, uplifting soap bar. A touch of menthol for its cooling effect, and white sage for mild exfoliation and good vibes.

Shea: Grapefruit oil for its clean and uplifting properties, and lavender oil for its relaxation powers. Poppy seeds top it off, and work to gently massage the skin.

Gift Wrap Service

We offer a gift wrap service. Click here for more info and to add it to your order. 


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