Chiro Chiro Mobile


Made in Switzerland

‘I am fond of the idea of a toy that keeps one company all the way from
childhood to adulthood. A true timeless piece.’ Rio Kobayashi

Designed by Rio Kobayashi, Chiro Chiro is a one-of-a-kind kinetic mobile that serves imagination. The playful and interactive hanging piece invites us to make time and space for ourselves in the hectic world.

The name Chiro Chiro is borrowed from a Japanese expression, whose pronunciation resembles the sound reptiles make when flicking their tongues in and out swiftly.

However, the subject of the figure remains open to interpretation. It could be a bird, an aeroplane, a flying fish, a snake or anything else depending on our own perception.

Finely handcrafted with walnut, each piece is unique with woodgrain and tinge of its own. The delicate wings are decorated with patterns of various colours, offering an animate and enticing visual experience when flapping. An elegant play on perspectives in motion, the kinetic piece captivates us with its subtle charm of simplicity.

Material: Painted and oiled walnut

Dimensions: 70cm x 25cm x H60cm

Sold Individually

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