The Sea As A Craftsman


"You throw something into the sea, and the sea (after an unspecific and indeterminable amount of time) hands it back to you carved, finished, smoothed, shiny or polished according to the material and wet too because that way colours are brighter". Bruno Munari

Reflections on the sea as creator of 'useless' design objects.

The sea as a craftsman is part of the “Block Notes” series, created by Bruno Munari in 1992 for Corraini, an open collection of projects. These included creative examples of how to use art playfully and intelligently. The books in the series are characterized by their grey covers, pocket-size dimensions and the holes on the cover which prompt the reader to "wander in" through to the book itself.

Dimension: 12 x 16 cm
Languages: English
Binding: paperback
Pages: 56
1st edition: 1995
ISBN: 9788875709334

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