Hinoki Wood Tissue Box


Made in Japan

Boxed Tissue is something we often need and kept at several spots around the house, although we never like the aesthetic of them. We finally found a nice wooden box to cover a standard sized tissue box which will not be an eyesore, and you can comfortably get the tissue anytime.

Remove the refill tissue from the cardboard package and put it in this wooden box. The lid is not attached to the main body but just sits on top of the tissue. If you use the tissue, the lid will also go down, so you can see how much is left. However, if the amount of tissue is too much and the lid is too close to the top, the lid may come off when the tissue is pulled out, so it’s best not to fill the box with too much tissue, leave about 2cm at the top.

Made of hinoki (cypress wood) this tissue box is made without the use of nails and is the perfect alternative to the usual cardboard boxes. Since it is untreated, it is better to avoid using it in humid places such as bathrooms and washrooms, and in dry places that are exposed to direct sunlight. It may cause fluffing on the surface, partial colour change, or deformation. Wipe off with a dry cloth if it gets wet with water droplets. For usual care, wipe with a dry cloth.

Material: Hinoki wood

Dimensions: Approx. 26 x 13.5 x H8.5 cm

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